RCNetwork home page, sites, databases, web designs, programming, computer security.

We dedicate ourselves in an amateur way to the design of web sites and applications in php, java, asp and other languages. We also manage your databases in SQL/MariaDB and other engines.

We host applications for low level requirements, in general to facilitate development and testing processes.

If you want to contact us, use the CONTACT option from the menu (you must logged in).

Last updated: 06/05/2023.
Welcome to RCNetwork.com.ar
Lo triste no es ir al cementerio sino quedarse.
Thanks to  Griselda
(written a long time ago...)
RCNetwork - Villa Ballester - Buenos Aires - Argentina - http://www.rcnetwork.com.ar
Friday, June 02, 2023 / 16:25:07 -0300
Welcome to Rcnetwork.com.ar
This is a local intranet for experimental purposes servers and a virtual place from friends and family.
Javier Martin is the system SysOp, but not the only one who messes with it..